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About Us

Nivriti Montessori, Sarjapur Road


is a vibrant and energetic community of children, parents and educators who work towards a mutual goal- the holistic development of the child.

The fact that actual learning takes place within the child is acknowledged by giving each of them their own time and space to grow, by supporting and assisting them at crucial points in this process. We believe that in all true learning, there is a sense of discovery that the child arrives at, all on their own by using their mind, body and spirit.

We at Nivriti, facilitate this coordination within the child by offering the child constructive activity corresponding to their developmental level. 

The process of completion of the task at hand imbibes a sense of independence and self-confidence in the child, which is an important tool in the formative period of their life.

Our Mission

Our aim at Nivriti is to strive unceasingly to retain the sense of wonder the child displays while learning something new. Feeding the child’s curiosity by offering purposeful activities that can be explored and introducing new challenges to fuel the child’s interest is an important process in the child’s growth.  To achieve this, we endeavour to provide a safe and nurturing environment that caters to the child’s physical growth, emotional, social and cognitive needs.

We are focused in providing a domain that helps the child be independent but at the same time brings out the importance of social skill and collaboration to arrive at their goals.  

Most importantly, Nivriti will endeavour to keep the inner spirit of the child intact and make the process of learning safe, holistic and explorative in nature.

  • Summer Fun 2022!
    04-Apr-2022, 9:30 am
    Kasavanahalli, Ittina Soupernika, Sarjapur Rd, Kasavanahalli, Karnataka 560035, India
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